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Masada Technology Company Limited was founded with NT$ 6 million in capital in August 2021 by a well-known large-scale developer group, whose construction projects are ranked the best every year in Taiwan.

“Masada” is a company that applies AI technology, intelligent systems, and automatic remote management systems to business projects such as new elevators for residential and commercial buildings, elevator replacement and renovation, elevator maintenance, etc. With the application of tech products, it has invested heavily and extensively in elevator business.

Masada’s core members consist of elite professionals with over 25 years of experience from listed elevator companies. The design and development team has sold over 10,000 elevators, and all the repair technicians are legally certified.

Masada has its own R&D team so the company can provide end-to-end design, manufacturing, and sales service. The company’s factory is located in Guanyin District, Taoyuan. Maintenance and sales locations are currently being added across Taiwanas sales expand.

Masada’s core principles are “safety and professionalism first, and immediate service.” In addition to the core drive and control system, the company invested in elevator stability and safety in the spirit of product R&D and production. Modularized production and assembly make its products easy to maintain, simple to use, and efficient. Customization and intelligent products are Masada’s greatest advantages.

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