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維保改造 維保改造 維保改造
4major guarantees3free items
No contract changing risks, making elevator rides safer
When elevators malfunction, we will come immediately.
Trust Masada!
15% discount on maintenance

For any elevators maintained by the manufacturer, we will provide a 15% discount on the maintenance contract.

We break, we pay

This company will repair any elevators that cannot function normally as a result of its maintenance/repair (not including natural disasters or man-made damages). 

Provide a remote intelligent
monitoring system

For signing a maintenance contract for 2 years, the remote intelligent monitoring system worth NT$30,000 will be provided free of charge.

NT$110 million liability insurance

NT$110 million “elevator product liability insurance” is provided during the contract period.

Free safety inspection experience

Worried about our maintenance quality? Let us give you a free safety inspection. Sign the contract only if you are satisfied.

Free consultation services

We provide professional consultation so that your expenses can be spent wisely.

Free lighting replacement

During the maintenance period, the maintenance staff will assist the residents in simple lighting replacement.

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