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About Us

公司介紹 公司介紹 公司介紹

Original intention and insistence

The core competitiveness of the brand is our professionalism, integrity, and capability.

Masada insists on maintenance transparency for intelligent elevators. Before and after maintenance comparison gives customers peace of mind!

Attention to detail earns trust. Care realizes quality. Service expresses our care. 

Give Masada a chance and we will give you our brand guarantee.

Nine major guarantees

In a saturated elevator market, the urbanization rate has reached 80%.

As the elevator technology threshold becomes lower and more mature, elevators have become a mass commodity. 

Thus, monopolizing the market to obtain high profit is not a normal business environment, and is not fair to consumers. 

Masada uses advanced intelligent technology with elevator products and services to provide consumers

(developers, high-rise management companies and residents, and residents of older buildings)

with better and more economical choices, and to break through monopolies by large companies.

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