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新梯介紹 新梯介紹 新梯介紹

Earthquake Sensor

When an earthquake occurs, all the information released by the Central Weather Bureau is about the surface amplitude.
Our exclusive research and development allow users to monitor the amplitude of the top floor of the building 24/7, providing a higher guarantee for residential safety.

Energy Feedback Device

The energy fed back by the elevator is fed back to the power grid through the AFE, and is no longer lost through resistance.
The generated regenerative power is fed back to the building’s power grid to supply the building’s electricity or other equipment. Energy savings can reach up to 35%.

ARD for Power-off Protection

When the power supply is interrupted during the normal operation of the elevator, the automatic reclosing device (ARD) will automatically switch to the emergency mode to provide emergency signals and backup power for the elevator.
The elevator control enters the standby power supply mode, and the elevator goes to the nearest floor at a fast speed with its door opened, achieving the objective of automatically rescuing passengers.

Passenger Elevator

The first choice for those who love their homes, a strong fortress supported by all generations, and an eternal iconic product!

Elevate your expectations for intelligent elevators: elevators designed for unrivaled safety and reliability.

Redefine vertical transportation: Masada presents you with safe, convenient, humanized, and comfortable space design!

Roomless Passenger Elevator
H-Home Life

Refresh to-date patterns! Amazing luxury and shocking changes! Masada’s intelligent elevators will change your perceptions of elevators as an access tool.

High-end Home Elevator

Change your perceptions of your feet! Initiate a reform from the elevator!

Overturning the standard for the construction of a single-family buildings. Let Masada take care of safety in your future home! We lift safety for your family to a whole new level!

Platform Elevator

Masada’s newest work uses the newest technology and materials to make your home so beautiful that you will want to post it on social media! Function and beauty are integrated into one. The modern stylish design can seamlessly match any building environment and transport what you need. Let us take you on a journey of innovation and reliability.

Platform Elevator

Ready to take your building to new heights? Don’t let the outdated elevator hold you back. The tailor-made intelligent elevator is specially designed for adaptation, service, and aesthetics to meet your unique architectural needs. It is time to open up a new thinking space that is unique and exclusive to you! Use our most advanced platform elevator to embrace the future!

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