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Elevator modification

Stop being strong-armed by the original manufacturer and choose a better professional maintenance vendor. 
Masada Technology provides better service with the latest control system.
Make the operation run smoother and the failure rate lower!
Easy modification, low price, full transparency
Peace of mind maintenance – leave your maintenance to Masada and be at ease.
Use intelligent data to identify and perform big data analysis to achieve low-carbon and energy-saving performance.
Improve efficiency and green cycle benefits through energy feedback.

Energy savings

When the elevator is unoccupied after a period of time, the lighting and fans in the cabs will automatically stop. The displays inside and outside the cabs will be dimmed to save energy, and will be turned on again when the cabs is in use.

LED lighting

Replace traditional lighting with high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-temperature, low-carbon, safe, and durable green energy-based light sources.

Wrong button cancelling

When passengers accidentally press the wrong button, they can use the “continuous pressing” action (pressing the same button twice) to cancel out the button they pressed.

Canceling the elevator when the elevator is called but is traveling in the opposite direction

When the elevator changes directions, the system will cancel the floor requests that are in the opposite direction, and the elevator is going to save power and reduce useless stopping.

Prank signal light canceling

When there are no passengers in the cabs and multiple floor buttons have been pushed on the control panel as a prank, the system will automatically determine this as an error and cancel all existing elevator stopping requests.

Masada’s three mottos are “attention to detail, care, and attentiveness.” We make a before and after comparison when we exchange parts and conduct maintenance. After each maintenance we make a detailed maintenance report on the nine major elevator safety parts. Rest assured that Masada provide the best service quality! 





Control system

Horizontal electric

Sliding door

Safety gear

Safety switch

24H uninterrupted safety monitoring

Complete monitoring system that operates safely 24/7:
Always have a grasp of the elevator dynamics, carry out preventive maintenance in advance, and reduce the risk of elevator malfunctions.

Incident management

Fault inquiry / fault statistics / fault message preview / fault call record / parameter setting

Emergency response

Recuse center / rescue statistics
trapped person statistics

System management

Operation and login log / SMS sending record user and authorization management

Monitoring management

Real-time data display / real-time data details page / operating parameters / elevator incidents / cabs videos / map monitoring / video monitoring / elevator information list

File management

Elevator information / factory information installation information / unit management

Maintenance management

Periodic maintenance / preventive maintenance education and training

Elevator functions

Earthquake Sensor

When an earthquake occurs, the system quickly detects the main vibration source, and works with the elevator control system to make the running elevator stop at the nearest floor so that passengers can leave the elevator.

Energy Feedback Device

The energy fed back by the elevator is fed back to the power grid through the AFE, and is no longer lost through resistance. The generated recycled power is fed back to the building’s power grid to supply the building’s electricity. Energy savings can reach up to 35%.

ARD for Power-off Protection

When the elevator stops suddenly, the system automatically switches to emergency mode for emergency signals and backup power supply. The elevator that enters the standby power supply mode will go to the nearest floor and open its door, allowing automatic rescue.

Compared with other factories

Modification solutions

Full modification

Modification and update methods

Modification and update of the entire elevator

Electrical control system

Passenger door, door opening and closing system

Cabs update

Traction lift system

Modification solutions

M1 modification

Modification and update methods

Updating the electrical control system
(variable-frequency modification)

Electrical control system

Control cabinet; rotary encoder 

Elevator call box 

Elevator car control panel 

Top and bottom limit switch 

Five-way speaker 

Motor room cable; shaft cable 

Level detector; car-top control box 

Shaft bottom and motor room electrical parts

Modification solutions

M2 modification

Modification and update methods

Updating the passenger door & door opening and closing system
(efficiency modification)

Electrical control system

Updating to variable-frequency door system 

Updating the passenger door system 

Updating the car door

Updating to light curtain

Modification solutions

M3 modification

Modification and update methods

Updating the elevator car (modernization modification)

Electrical control system

Car wall 

Elevator car lift top

Car bottom 


Modification solutions

M4 modification

Modification and update methods

Traction lift system (renovation modification)

Electrical control system

Updating to permanent-magnet motor to save energy

Traction steel cable 

Guide wheel; speed limiter; speed limiter rope

Main motor bottom

Before/after modification


Outdated elevator decoration affects the overall image.





Modern decoration design and high-quality materials can be matched according to the style to enhance the overall texture.


Elevators are characterized by high power consumption and poor operating efficiency, which is manifested in early products. Reduced voltage start wastes a lot of power.





Comfortable and stable cabs operation greatly improves passenger safety and ride experience.


The elevator shakes when it starts and stops at a floor. The cabs floor is uneven and passengers can easily trip, resulting in an uncomfortable elevator ride.





Comfortable and stable cabs operation greatly improves passenger safety and ride experience.


Most parts of the elevator have been discontinued. Maintenance is difficult and malfunctions occur.





A long-term, sufficient, and timely supply of parts for elevators is available throughout their entire life cycle.


When the service life of an elevator exceeds 15 years, it has higher failure rate and poses a safety hazard to passengers.





Effectively reduce potential hazards such as having people trapped, a sudden rise of an elevator cabs, and cabs slipping, so that managers, residents, and visitors can feel at ease.

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