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Masada Smart Elevators

Masada is a professional business provider that runs an edgy, smart elevator repair & maintenance  service platform and manages to empower the users and the business partners for elevator operating safety, which renders profitability to the business partners and comfort to the users via digital innovation, platform innovation, and service innovation.

Join Masada.

You are wanted!

Your participation in Masada is much appreciated if you are a top worker in your industry! We welcome you to join us if you are a fine worker in a totally different field.

If you are a top elevator maintenance crew leader or a top elevator maintenance skilled worker with the rich elevator maintenance resources who not only owns a new business vision but also wants a brand-new business platform with hardware readiness, high capital, edgy expertise, protocols and management, timely settlements and a thriving future, it is strongly recommended to contact us and join us.

Masada ally

You are wanted!

Masada as an elevator company that has experience in the elevator industry for over three decades not only has been re-launched to be a Taiwan-capital elevator company rooted locally but also owns the capital reaching NT$ 336 million. You are wanted if you’d like to thrive with Masada! Let’s fight together!

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