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獨家優勢 獨家優勢 獨家優勢
Remote guarding

Collect big data to create an elevator network.
Analyze rescue information, operation logs, elevator information,
and remotely gathered data to reduce the probability of failure.

24-hour professional security. Personnel access monitoring and tracking

Construction site
Maintenance staff

AI city intelligence

Intelligent System
Synchronize life with intelligence. Use technology to create convenience.
Collect big data from cloud to create an intelligent elevator that is most suitable for modern people. 
Analyze, control, and maintain collected data. Integrate mobile APP,
so you can instantly be updated on the elevator situation and remotely manage the elevator.
Digital Analysis
Data analysis

Elevator IoT
Big data analysis system

24-hour preventive security. Orderly maintenance to avoid malfunctions.

Personnel positioning

GPS personnel positioning

Map location

Pinpoint the work location and the 24-hour service personnel will arrive right away.

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