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Post-epidemic trend

Disease prevention technology is the core trend that modern people care about.
Masada creates a safer elevator experience for customers. 
Providing a safe new living style, from operations to system management
Zero-contact when calling elevators, air filtration system,
disease prevention for riding in enclose elevators, and upgraded disease prevention.

The Stream Of Time

Multiple sterilization and disinfection systems

Disinfection System
SHARP purifier
UV sanitizing lamp

Non-contact Mode

Non-contact Mode
Gesture elevator calling
Voice elevator calling
Non-contact buttons

SHARP air purification system

Global original debut

Plasmacluster automatic disinfection ion technology;
releasing negative ions that are the same as what is released naturally
Effectively control invisible hazardous materials in the air.

Three steps in automatic ion sterilization
Plasma discharge is used to release natural positive (H+) and negative (02-) ions. The ions are surrounded by water molecules and released in the air.
After attaching to the surface of germs, the positive and negative ions generate strong hydroxyl radicals (OH). After extracting hydrogen (H) from the surface protein, the protein is decomposed to completely destroy the bacterial structure.
The extracted hydrogen (H) and hydroxyl radicals (OH) are combined to form healthy moisture (H20), which is purified and restored to the air.

UV sanitizing lamp

The lamp has a 99% disinfection and sterilization efficiency. The lamp also has a sensor protection device that allows the elevator to automatically disinfect when it is in idle. When the device senses people, objects, or light, it will turn off immediately to avoid UV damage.

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